2013 vintage is getting ready !

We started pruning the last vines in November , this operation will continue until March, during the vegetative rest . In the heart of winter, our team often face rough and harsh climatic conditions, to maintain and prepare the vines so that they resume their vegetative activity in spring in optimal conditions. When the vine loses its leaves during fall , long brown branches appear : the vine shoot. Without pruning until the following spring , buds they carry would grow in full, generating a large amount of foliage at the expense of grapes.

A Château La Croix Martelle , we practice a size ” spurred cordon ” is a short on a long frame size . It allows clusters to spread easily and enjoy the air and sunshine . The size Spurred cordon is a qualitative size limit output (-20 to 30%) and force it provides stadiums and homogeneous maturities.

Size requires real precision work and therefore constitutes a mode of conduct to control , balance , extend and improve the production of the vine.

Winter work in the vineyard at La Croix Martelle

winter work in the vineyard at La Croix Martelle

Tasting day at photographer’s studio

On Saturday, February 2nd, Château La Croix Martelle invited his main partners in a day of tasting of the range of wines in the studio of the photographer Cédric Porchez situated in the heart of Montmartre.It was the opportunity to thank them for their contribution during 2012. In memory of this beautiful day, each of the guests received a paper print large format of its portrait realized by Cédric Porchez.

The week of the taste

Participation of the wine L’onoriva in the workshops tasting of wines organised by Bénédicte de Ligondé in Advenia street François 1st Paris 8 during ” the week of the taste ” from 16 till 20 October 2012. 

Grape harvests 2012

We watch very carefully for more than three weeks the maturity of our grapes. In September ends on a succession of beautiful warm and sunny days and fresh nights. Our grapes finally reach maturity after the welcome rainy sequences of this week. The date of the grape harvest at Château La Croix Martelle is fixed from now on September 22nd and should end by October 3rd.

Harvest of wild fruits in the Domain

The fig tree (ficus carica), rustic as the olive tree, found for a long time its place on borders and in the vines of La Croix Martelle. It is in this period of the summer end that we collect figs and wild almonds.The almond trees and fig trees are the witnesses of a biodiversity protected for several centuries and linked to the vines.

The countdown began

At this beginning of August, the middle-veraison is now affected. An important date which indicates to us that the grape harvests should not begin before the end of the month of September.